Would You Consider Sodas As Bad For Your Teeth? Hear What a Grants Pass Dentist Has to Say   

For the ordinary person, dental health equates even white teeth. There is more to it than that. Numerous aspects lead to good oral hygiene from proper oral care to the right diet. The outcome is not restricted to just toothache and cavities; it can also result in yellow teeth, foul breath, tooth loss, bleeding gums, and even bit problems and speech that is unclear. Your local Grants Pass Dentists Allen Creek Dental would confirm this fact.

Most of us are very mindful of the basics of brushing your teeth regularly, flossing and using a drop of mouthwash. There is even an interdental brush made available for those who cannot stand the thought of flossing their teeth. Ask your Grants Pass dentist here.

Concerning brushing, it should not just be a formality. According to a well-known Medford Dentist, enough time needs to be allocated to each area of your teeth such as the front, back, and the chewing area. The tongue needs a quick scrubbing to ensure no harmful bacteria gets left behind in your mouth. Regular rinsing using a quality mouthwash will not hurt as it offers additional protection. Do not delay in visiting a good dentist in Medford for a professional cleaning to get any left out crevices cleaned.

The Role Nutrition Plays

Many people focus on the number of calories they consume to prevent them from gaining weight. Unfortunately hardly anyone pays attention to taking in enough vitamins and minerals that are needed for good oral health. Of these, phosphorus and calcium are the most important ones. Drinking water that contains fluoride ensure our teeth are more resistant to acid erosion. Unsweetened, low-fat milk is the best for your teeth along with veggies, fruits, chicken, whole grains, and nuts. It beats candy, cakes, and pastries any day.

What Should be Avoided

We are mostly unaware of the damage we cause to our teeth. Guard against things like consuming soda or cola, and smoking, which is particularly harmful to our teeth. The biggest culprit is sugar-laden foods and beverages. Replace them with healthier alternatives whenever possible. If you cannot eliminate sugary snacks, then, at least, make a point of cleaning your teeth afterward. Do your best to avoid eating candy and sucking lollipops as they encourage the growth of bacteria.

The Low Down on Colas

According to Forbes, around 1.2 billion Coke servings were distributed on a daily basis during 2003. Concerns around soft drinks led to numerous schools eliminating these cafeterias and vending machines. Dentists in Medford and elsewhere are warning both adults and children to stay clear from drinking sodas due to the following three reasons:

  1. Sugar content – Many soft drinks contain as much as 9 to 11 teaspoons of sugar. Bacteria outside your mouth thrive on sugar, which produces acid that will erode the tooth enamel surrounding the bacterial colony and eventually lead to cavities. It only takes a few seconds for bacteria to generate acid of which the effects can last for around 30 minutes. Less sugar consumed regularly does more harm to your teeth than more sugar every now and again.
  2. Acid – Dental erosion is the result of acidic liquids that make contact with your teeth and lead to tooth decay. Beverages like Coca-Cola contain phosphoric acid, used as an ingredient in industrial cleaners. This will affect the entire tooth which results in a double threat to the enamel of your teeth. Dental erosion symptoms include darkening of teeth, temperature sensitivity, cracking, and pain.
  3. Soda dye – Coca-Cola uses Carmel dye to give their beverages its rich brown color without necessarily adding any flavor to the drink. The coloring contributes to yellow teeth and weakens your enamel, making it easier for your teeth to get stained. Even though yellow teeth do not look nice, it hardly affects your health.

Taking the Necessary Precautions

You can halt tooth decay by limiting the consumption of Coca-Cola and other sodas. It is an idea to use a straw, so you minimize the possibility of the soft drink making contact with your teeth. Also, brush your teeth the minute you consumed sodas to reduce the effects of the acid.


Carry out a regular dental checkup. Your local dentist in Grants Pass will detect any dental issues before they erupt into something more serious. Moreover, he or she will pinpoint any areas you are currently neglecting in your dental care and show you how to correct it. They are in the best position to discuss any dental concerns and offer the best line of treatment if need be.