Online Marketing Tools to Try in 2017 to Boost Your Seattle SEO Rankings

The rules of engagement are about to change as online marketing is facing another massive evolution. Every few years this happens due to customers demanding something new. For this reason, businesses need assistance from reputed marketing companies in Seattle to adjust their brand’s tactics.

No doubt, newer technologies become a strong driving force behind these changes. Just think about the ever-expanding reach of mobile e-commerce and how fast it is moving to devices like smart TVs, gaming consoles, and refrigerators. The way business owners think about promoting their offer have to grow with it, or else they will struggle in their branding efforts.

Let’s take a closer look how modern day internet marketing tools will help businesses to meet the ever increasing demand for new services.

Email Marketing

It is one marketing method that managed to remain on top of the marketing chain. It has been tried and tested to perform well in the past, and it continues to do so. However, you require feature heavy platforms to run your campaigns with. GetResponse makes the whole email marketing endeavor so much easier as they specialize in landing pages, webinars, running campaigns and marketing automation services.

Lead Generation

What you need is a functional sales assistant to manage your lead generation process. Salesmate is such a program as it helps one to collect contact info, notes, while it assists with the conversion process. It is surprisingly affordable and provides plenty of tools to ease the sales process and make organization a breeze.


Besides email, content is also a heavy hitter in the online marketing world. In a big way, these two are of the same kind, with one informing the other. How do you ensure you always present the best content?

Well, have you heard of Buzzsumo? It is a research tool to help you source content that performs the best while it keeps an eye on your competitors too. You’ll even obtain keywords to help improve your Seattle SEO. To takes advantage of its many features; you need to make use of the premium version.


You should be the first one to know when something good or some secret piece of news is being shared about your business. The best way to stay ahead of anything being said about you is to make use of Brand Mentions where you will receive alerts about every industry and brand set by you. It allows you to reply right from your dashboard.

Team Management

As a highly recommended team management tool, Slack can create various channels for you and your team to communicate with ease.

Channels can even be created for customer services and support.

Chat Tool to Create Customized Widgets

Even though Drift is still a new release, it sure is an interesting chat platform that will allow the user to expand their customer service reach on the web while you let go of Call center customer support. It is super easy through the dashboard to customize widgets, then embed these on your site and communicate with your customer via an online or offline chat session.

User Engagement Tools

Depending on how aggressive you intend to be on Twitter, and how many social factors come into play regarding your marketing strategies, Tweetfull will be your go to tool to encourage user engagement and lead generation. It is especially useful when you are an active Twitter user, and you want to go all out to establish your brand. As a newcomer, you will find a solid starting point that would serve at the perfect platform to monitor your account and help you establish how quickly you are growing as a business.

Trading Information with Others

It is hard being seen on social media, especially when you just started as a new business owner. Even while you start gathering more and more followers, it isn’t always all that easy to become visible as a brand.

With a platform like Viral Content Buzz, it becomes simpler to trade posts with other users who have similar problems to you. The likelihood of them sharing your info with others are quite strong. You can reciprocate by sharing their information in turn.

As most of these online marketing tools would redirect customers to your website, it is crucial that you have it optimized for the search engines by prominent marketing firms SEO Seattle like Moving Mountains Advisors. Visit their site at MM SEO.




Go Ahead and Enjoy the Thrills of Payette River Rafting This Summer!

There is nothing more thrilling than to push your boundaries while involved in Payette River rafting. Next, there is another rewards in store in that the team you are with possess a tremendous amount of prowess, skills, and warmth to ensure your rafting adventure is pure bliss.

It is apparent from the experiences of other rafters that hopping on board a rafting boat is one of the best outdoor adventures you can hope for. Many a guest who locked hands with fellow rafters on the fantastic Payette River rafting became fond of the personal guides who hosted their trip. No doubt, they appreciate the hard work and friendliness shown in all avenues of their rafting excursion.

Some instructors of outfitters like Orange Torpedo Rafting Trips have the spirit and charm needed to make one wake up and discover a whole new meaning to carving your way through white waters and experiencing an adventure that not many have the privilege of embarking on.

It’s contagious at the best of times and a revelation like no other when you first set foot on the majestic Payette River. Especially when other rafters and river guides push the envelope so you may try new experiences and discover something about yourself you never knew existed until now.

A few of the individuals who decide to join hands with your are experienced rafters who possess a solid character and some of them would even make it their resolve to assist the guides in showing everyone on board how to make the most of their newfound rafting experience and go back home, remembering a whitewater wilderness adventure they will find hard to forget.

Amazingly, you find all sorts of people who decided it’s time to put their fears aside and raft the Payette. You will most likely find young folks on honeymoon or even a group of seniors who made this adventure a part of their bucket list.

Praises go to your friends too for being willing to accompany you and expressing a keen interest in this type of adventure rather than just another getaway where there is a lot of drinking going on and spending time on the beach while regretting past endeavors.

There are just so many options that it spells bounds a person to the extent that you are not sure whether you must join a bigger rafting party or opt for an inflatable ducky-like kayak that will get your muscles aching from maneuvering your way through challenging white waters. Then there is a chance of hopping on a paddle-catamaran where you may just sit back and leave the steering up to the pros. What about an even easier option where you get on board a guided-manner oar boat that will allow you to soak up the scenery, take a dip in the river every now and then and relax whenever the opportunity to do so arises?

Then, there are those who enjoy camping and outdoors. They would love the chance of being pampered without going to the trouble of setting up camp, preparing meals, and cleaning up. Now, this is what we call having fun!

Should you join Orange Torpedo Trips on a rafting adventure on the Payette River, you can expect to get your hands dirty, but in a fun way. Towards the end of your rafting endeavors during the day, you will arrive at camp and find that the tents, hot showers, private toilets, and fireside chairs have already been set up ahead of time.

Each of you can select your tent, then assemble your own cot so the guides may prepare dinner. However, if you find you’re struggling in setting up the cot, the guides would be more than happy to help in the cot set up. Some of the cot poles may have a bit of residue on them. Not to worry as multiple hand-washing stations are in place to see to your hygiene needs.

Expect to get wet people and stay that way for a good couple of hours, even when on an oar boat and it’s sunny and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If you followed the suggested packing list, it would be no problem as you would have a waterproof rain jacket and pants to minimize discomfort and quick-dry clothing.

Thanks again, Orange Torpedo Trips, for always providing fun and memorable rafting trips.

How to Successfully Market Your Southern Oregon Real Estate in a Competitive Market

When you try to sell your Southern Oregon real estate property, your home has to be tops on the potential buyer’s list, or you will not stand a chance against your competition. Ensure everything is perfect, and pretend you are living there anymore.

Listed below are three tips to help you sell your Southern Oregon Home faster:
1. Curb Appeal – Your home needs to look good from the street or else you won’t have much of a chance selling it compared to properties that fall within a similar price range that happen to be nicer to look at. In Southern Oregon, it is typical to have a good looking home next to a house that is of a lower quality.

2. Due to this, it is essential to outdo your competition. Everyone is well aware of it, but this turns out to be a touchy topic. One’s feelings seem to get hurt when the detractors get pointed out by someone, but this is needed if you want a potential buyer to have the best choice.

3. What the seller needs to do is drive up to their home, stop in the driveway and take a look around. Anything that catches the eye is most likely something that requires a bit of cleanup, or it should be moved out of sight. Keep a notepad nearby to write down some things you wish were not there. Take action on it, and after just one week your home would be way more presentable.

Some examples of much-needed cleanup would include:
● Scraping and touching up any peeling paint.
● Cleaning and tightening any loose gutters.
● Spring cleaning dirty windows.

It is all in the Presentation – Once you have potential buyers past the curb appeal stage, you want to bowl them over as to how well kept your home is. Besides, a clean house is a sure indication that you maintain your home correctly. A messy or dirty home is a sign that you don’t care in that you neglect much-needed maintenance tasks.

Even during tough times, when your schedule does not allow you to maintain your home as you should, you may want to consider hiring professional cleaners to help you clean up. Once done, you should make it a habit to keep putting things away. The saying goes that a clean and tidy home sells easier.

Getting Your Selling Price Right

One of the most important things is to get the price of your real estate property right. You are after all trying to sell your home, and Southern Oregon is considered a competitive market.

If a home is priced correctly, potential homebuyers may overlook numerous deficiencies. Having said that, to get top dollar, the items mentioned above have to be done meticulously.

What people paid for homes a year or so ago has no relevance to the prices properties sell for today. Also, your neighbor’s property for sale should not in any way dictate what yours should sell for and not just the ones currently on sale.

Make use of your Oregon real estate broker to point out some of the things that they think will make your home more sellable. Also, pay attention to their advice regarding the appropriate price point to help sell your home. Doing so will help you get a reasonable price, move on and get on with your life.

Maybe you would like to see how much your Southern Oregon real estate is worth. Windermere Real Estate firm can help you get a free market analysis. If you are in the market for a new home, search Southern Oregon foreclosures.
What is more, you need to ensure you are dealing with trustworthy people and companies as it will have an impact on your selling price at the end of the day.
One way to check if a Realtor is doing a good job is and rendering top services to their clients is to conduct a background check.
Do so by asking names of the real estate agent’s previous clients as well as their phone numbers. Reputed estate agents in Southern Oregon always obtain decent feedback from past clients. This way you will know if you are dealing with a professional real estate or not. Visit – real estate